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About Recyclestack


Recyclestack Limited is a cleantech start-up providing innovative recycling and sustainable waste management solutions.

We are revolutionising the circular economy by connecting Nigerians to recyclers, dealers and buyers of solid wastes. Our company promotes a clean and green environment by converting solid wastes to wealth.

Our solution allows owners to extract value from their solid wastes while also supplying a steady supply of materials to the Nigerian recycling and manufacturing sector.

Recyclestack Limited
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Recyclestack.NG is an online waste to wealth marketplace built to simplify the recycling business and help Nigerians convert our waste to wealth through technology.
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We proffer solutions to climate change challenges by partnering with the private and public sectors to promote green businesses in recycling, renewable energy, waste management, smart agriculture, water solutions, green transportation and sustainable buildings.
Recyclestack seeks corporate sponsorship and grants from International agencies, governmental organisations and multinational companies to organise advocacy programmes on Waste to Wealth, Circular economy and promotion of a green, clean and sustainable environment in Nigeria.
Leveraging Recyclestack’s waste to wealth marketplace, we help the government and NGOs to curb youth unemployment by on boarding sponsored youths on our marketplace and training them on how to convert waste to wealth through technology.